The term swirl is a slang word that is used as a label to describe the relationship of two individuals who just happen to be of different nationality or ethnicity. This site is dedicated to promoting and reviewing Romance books that SWIRL.

Please be advised that this site contains mature adult content and is intended for adults 18 and older.

Priest: The Church Series Book 3

The previous books in this series told a fantastic story with endearing characters, including this book’s primary hero and heroine, Nathaniel Priest and Albany (Fem). However, in Priest, both characters are unsympathetic and have very little chemistry.

A Black Christmas: Brothers Black Series Bonus

This affable and funny read came full circle for the Black Family, with Mama Cass and Papa Joe as the headliners. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Brothers Black books, this one may seem a bit less in substance for the amount of time the author took to release it.

Twins: The Church Series Book 2

Twins is another nail-biter and a page-turner and well worth the wait. The Twins, Lucian and Seth, reconnect with their childhood friend Malia, and all hell breaks loose. It is pure entertainment watching the events unfold between the Twins and Malia, her grandmother, and daughter, including another secret organization being introduced to readers.

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